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Drivaire Home Ventilation Solutions - Remove Condensation & Improve indoor Air Quality positive pressure home ventilation

How the Drivaire System works

Using positive pressure, the system takes dry air from the ceiling cavity, filters it then delivers that air to each living space.

The temperature in the roof space and home is monitored and the system automatically adjusts, providing optimum ventilation.  When air is warmer in the roof than in the home, it will deliver more air creating "solar gain" - free heat from the sun.

As the roof space cools, the volume of air will drop, but it will always be delivering a small amount of air to keep moisture in the home low.

This is the best and most cost effective way to deal with moisture problems within your home. As there is a small amount of cool air being introduced to the home on cold days, there can sometimes be a slight drop in temperature. This drop in temperature is easily overcome with the introduction of conventional home heating as a dryer home is far easier to heat.

Which System Suits Your Home

Positive Pressure Systems
The air is filtered and drawn from a high point in the roof space, slightly increasing air pressure within your home to dehumidify, ventilate and dry the air.
The result, a dry, warm and healthy home.

Another benefit is the free warm air in your roof space is filtered and distributed through outlets around your home. Models with built in heaters can be fitted also. We can achieve the same outstanding results in homes with no roof space too, such as Lockwood homes.

Optional extras that can customise your basic system.

Heat Transfer
Warm air is distributed from high temperatures zones (usually the lounge with wood or gas heating also heat pumps) to other zones such as bedrooms. This also dries areas that do not have a sunny aspect and can be used as fresh air dehumidifiers.


Using motorised air valves, all the benefits of "Positive Pressure" and "Heat Transfer" can be achieved. Circulating or re-circulating warm, cool or fresh air making the most of the filtered, warm, dry air in your roof space, high heat zones in your house as well as summer cooling.

Summer Mode
Utilising air valves you can introduce cooler, filtered air from the south side of your home. The result is a cooler fresher and more secure home having fresh air, even with your windows closed.

The Ultimate System - Ai Plus
The Ai System is a "set and forget" system designed to manage the moisture levels and air quality in you your home giving you the piece of mind that your warmth and health is being looked after with little or no effort on your part.

The Drivaire Ai Plus unit is the basic system with bare ducting for the number of outlets selected chosen in the above drop down list. Optional - insulated ducting can be quoted and installed if this is of interest please ask.  Please note in addition to these prices an electrical outlet will need to be installed in the roof space.

Moisture Created By Common Household Activities

Activities Litres
Cooking    3.0 Per Day
Clothes Washing    0.5 Per Day
Showers and Baths    1.5 Per Day (per person)
Dishes    1.0 Per Day
Clothes Drying (unvented)    5.0 Per Day
Gas Heater (unflued)    1.0 Per Hour
Breathing (active)    0.2 Per Day (per person)
Breathing (asleep)    0.02 Per Day (per person)
Perspiration    0.03 Per Hour (per person)
Pot Plants    Same as you give them

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