Why Insulate ???

Insulation is one of the smartest investments you can make in your home because it provides year-round comfort and savings in many important ways: 

  1. Increase energy efficiency - Lower energy bills
  2. Quieter, more comfortable living
  3. Healthy home, healthy environment
  4. Moisture control - Manage Indoor Air Quality

Insulation wholesalers approach to our job is more holistic. By providing information to Manage moisture and increase internal air quality by having the right balance of Insulation, Heating and Ventilation to create a healthy warm home.  Installing a Drivaire Home Ventilation unit will help eliminate condensation, creating a warmer, healthier & dyer home that is far more cost efficient to heat. www.homeventilation.co.nz

To effectively insulate the ceiling space it is of great benefit to install segment between the ceiling joists , then installing a blanket at right angles to joists.
N.B when Retro fitting older houses there is a number of different insulation brands that could be found already installed between the timber joists.
This is where a blanket to cover the existing insulation will be of most benefit. Covering the segment insulation and joists with a blanket - creating a Double layer insulation - will reduce the potential for thermal bridging (heat loss through exposed timber) - This is the most effective and efficient insulation method.
Installing an under floor insulation will compliment the insulation work done in the
roof space. We also recommend laying over the ground, a ground vapour barrier ( 250mg Permathene black Plastic) this will eliminate the
rising damp moist air entering your house through the floor.
This total insulation solution, will help towards reducing energy bills, creating a warmer, comfortable and much more efficient
home to heat in winter while summers will be much cooler. 
An important note for houses with enclosed ring foundation construction 
This under floor space is susceptible to higher levels of moisture - we have experienced a greater number of houses we insulate with serious damage to bottom plates and flooring caused by the exposure to consistent high levels of moisture. Compared to the very small cost of installing an effective Ground Vapour Barrier , the reparation costs and  remedial work involved caused by the lack of moisture barrier is significant.
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